Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy birthday to me

My bf have actually forgotten bout my birthday. Like anniversary, I gave him hints and reminders and yet, he couldn't remember the very important date!

I was furious! But since he said he studied till so hard (which I am aware of) and forgotten bout everything then .. forgive him lor. Summor he purposely drove all the way back from Sunway to say sorry and he really look damn chan. How to be angry for long?

I just came back from Genting. I was initially so afraid that I couldn't handle the chill weather I planned to buy new jacket haha. But in the end, I saw nice shoe on sale [70% off!!!] then i finished all my money on that shoe and couldn't buy any jacket haha. It's fushia colour with plastic crystal studs hehehe...

That stupid fatty told me that the bus leaves at 7am hence I woke up at 6am to get ready, slept only for 20 mins cuz was sneezing the whole night, couldn't sleep at all! Then when i call him to ask what time come pick me, he said "oh i con you only, bus leaving at 10am" -____-

At Themepark, he saw iguana and said he wants to get one cause it's cute *smack head*. Then when we reach 1u bus stop, went in to the pet shop, he saw sugar glider and he said he want. Then he saw racoon, he said he want also. -____-

On the way back from Sunway (after dropping his friends home), he said he would buy Miniature Schnauzer but he couldn't afford the full price so I have to fork out a portion. =D Paying for the dog and its food and grooming is not a problem to me, as long as I can keep the dog in his house and Max may have a good companion then he wont live such a boring life! But I was a little afraid that I will love the new dog more than Max then Max jealous and bite the small dog's head off. HAHA

But anyway, today we decided to get a male beagle (and I am now searching for a suitable name hahaha). =D Can keep outside or inside and low maintenance. And I thought of buying a big wooden kennel for Max.. then inside there can put some cushion for him to sleep at night. But to buy the kennel I need RM1600 =(

Btw, i have sore throat now. Cause scream too much while playing solero shot and roller coaster. Solero damn syok haha. I went up twice! And my ass is damn pain, thanks to the ice slide thingy in snow world. Generally my whole body is aching as if I did some vigorious exercise or went gym work out.

Getting internet connection after my exam. By then, can update more often liao =). Going off now.. to send his friends off to indon. And I am damn excited to see YOUR present. I hope it's something goood =D


cheahwey said...

don't get your hopes up or you'll be disappointed; expect nothing and you'll be satisfied.

and ADOPT a pet.

-Littlenicky- said...

wei wei wei i only want a wish .. asking a lot meh now?! like u meh wish also dun have hmph!!

i did thought of adopting, no need money ma! but then beagle, no matter what is still hunting dog.. i sked adopt cannot get good healthy and young puppy where i can train.

choose to buy cuz i can train ma! old dogs are stubborn.