Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Hi Hi

Still alive here. Not dead yet. Dont you miss me? I'm blogging at Bird's place, since he's watching tv.

Life's so so only, nothing special, just that get to eat a lot at different places. Most afternoon that fatty would buy me Indian rojak. There's surely an Indian spirit in him!

On Fatty's birthday, his mum gave me money to buy cake and Brenda suggested Choc Marshmallow Cheesecake from Zen Cafe (by Secret Recipe) and it was so sinful!! I'm gonna buy one for myself on my own birthday and eat it all myself man!

Lately I go gaga over pink and make ups -___- So unlike me lo! I dont even like pink in the first place (and I dont hate pink).. Benefit Cosmetics is now in 1U and I was so happy so excited I told my brother I'm so gonna buy all their prettily-boxed blushers and concealers (as if i have a lot to conceal hmph!) and lipgloss.

I'm haunted by bimbo spirit i tell you! Must be lah!!

And dresses. Oh! I'm in love with dresses now. I hate jeans already. But I'm still dreaming of A|X jeans. The cutting is awesomely wonderful!

Not to mention I got myself an unexpected hair style. But since everyone says it suits me so, yeay I'm happy and love it for now. Maybe gonna dye red. Either dye red, or remove my current faded aunty looking colour! I need hair treatment badly man

November. Not a good month.

Birthday month but dont think will be celebrating. At first did thought of throwing a huge party but then think think, total bill will be at least one grand and most importantly, all theVIPs will still be in Perth. Furthermore, Nov is intensive revision month. =(

Had a huge fight with the bf on Sunday night. Then yesterday, I brought my sister out for a walk and insanely poured RM105.90 at Charles and Keith. Insanely because, that pair of shoe isn't for me but for my sister and it's my own money!! T_T When I told Brenda this she said I should have ajak her out haha.

I saw a BabyPhat bag. I want and I need bags. Please buy me that for my birthday thank you veli munchy. It's huge and spacious and it's only RM469 =D

I gained weight =( Now Bird always kacau me by asking " wo men de hai zi zhen yang?" (how's our baby?) T______T I need to exercise huhuhu


cheahwey said...

我们的孩子怎样 is farking funny wei.
and since when you don't post pics of your new haircut up wan... post lah.

-Littlenicky- said...

im in birds place. got picture but no cable and his laptop damn laopeh wan dun have bluetooth