Monday, October 05, 2009

Oh yes!


Blogger's been a psycho bitch. With the earthquake happened in Indonesia, internet connection is a real pain in the ass! Even in Bird's house! (his place always get very good connections wan somehow hmph!)

Its anniversary time! and I am not happy or amused at all! BECAUSE THERE WONT BE ANY CELEBRATION!!!!!!!!!!!

Like WTF!!! How many people can tahan seeing the same old boring face for 2 years? What more, my name is Nicole Yong and I get bored of stuffs/things very fast.



Assignment then so what?! Assignment dai sai ah? eat my rotten Nike sport shoe lah! HMPH

*mumble* grumble*

Can you smell smoke from your place? oh sorry wrong question. I mean, can you see (in your own imagination room) smoke coming out from my ears and nose and throat ??


cheahwey said...

So it's 5th? Somehow I remembered it as 14th. Oh wait, THAT'S his birthday eh?

_VeL_ said...

You also 2 years already. Teing and Bernard also 2 years already. Time really flies la.

Don't like that la. Have another anniversary next year la. Maybe he's really busy til no time to plan anything for you.

You should try telling him, you get bored of things easily. He should be grateful that you're still with him. He'll probably appreciate you more. Sometimes, guys memang 'fan jin' wan. HAHAHA

nicole said...

yes 14th his birthday

im not asking for a lot also! ya we went dinner at tgif. but the whole time he was talking bout his assignment, and telling me his plan for the next two weeks.. definitely something i wont want to hear!

my god wei seriously.. he came back, straight talk to lester and on wow.

really. what does anniversary and celebration mean to you?!

and now of cuz im feeling ng song lah. then he said im being rude to him

another anniversary? what makes you think we can go thru another year?!

_VeL_ said...

You gotta blame Lester and ask him stop playing WoW with him.

Don't piss off la. You need to talk with him. Things will get better with a talk.

Cathy C said...

Happy belated anniversary to you both. HAHA. imagine all our wishes is from his mouth. lol.