Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Progress Test Week

It's Progress Test again. And I have not been studying much despite having high hopes to pass my finance cause I like the subject cause I like the lecturer haha!

I've been a very good gf these 2 weeks. Serious!

First off, I arranged meet ups for Bird to meet my friends. Then I arrange time for Andre and Brenda to go over to his place to teach him accounts because I know myself. I am not a good tutor.

Then I've been a very good friend to Max as well. I told Brenda to bring Toby over but that stupid Labrador keeps scaring that poor poodle. But it wasn't exactly Max's fault lah, I think Toby is just afraid of his size. Max is friendly and playful.

But that was actually a very old news. Happened like 3 weeks ago haha! I kept forgetting to blog bout it. Oh you know there's this part where Max was so happy so excited and he drooled so much... on Toby's coat summor!!

Instead of studying, I helped Bird on his accounting assignment. Coaching him, directing and guiding him. Not only assignment, his presentation as well.

Note. Coaching, directing and guiding. I didnt do his assignment for him.

Assignment part, must thank Jo-Lyne also lah! Cause she is the mastermind behind that balanced account. HAHA. I cant do accounts anymore, well, cant blame me you see cause I cant remember anything. 4 weeks ago if you ask me creditor should be debited or credited, I tell you, I DONT KNOW. Not joking!

During the weekend, I thought of giving him a little treat, so, I suggested feet washing. I think I've complained bout his smelly feet before. Really lor, he washes his feet all the time yet they are so smelly.

Brush and scrubbing stone. RM14.90 from Guardian.

First off, I prepared him a pail of lukewarm salted water. I used normal kitchen salt cause 1) sea salt is bloody damn expensive 2) It's not even my feet. It's his smelly feet no need use expensive stuff wan.

This few weeks have been quite hectic for me. So my mind is somewhat not in a right mode. I actually waited for the water to boil, cause all I was thinking is mix hot water with cold water to get lukewarm water.

His mum and maid looked at me one kind. They kept telling me that can get water in toilet. Toilet got water. And all I could think of is, oh ya hor, fill the pail with cold water first. It never occur to me that I can get lukewarm water from the water heater =.=

See the screen. That's World of Warcraft. So nice right, get foot spa and get to play WoW at the same time.

By right, should soak for 15 minutes like that only. But thanks to his whatever raid he's doing.. he took off his feet only after 30 minutes -_- But soaking that time he said his feet feel damn clean damn nice. Of course lah!! I do this like once a week wan ok!! I only do nice stuff to myself

After that, brush and scrub feet.

Remember, Brush first then only scrub. And if you see the stone I bought carefully, there's 2 colours. the greenish side is the one with bigger holes.. white side smaller holes. Scrub using the rough surface followed by the smoother surface.

If you think I am damn jit toh scrub feet for fatty. I was just demonstrating just so he'll know the right way to do it. And I forced him to take this picture cause I wanted to post it up so show to the world that he made me scrub his feet even though he warned me not to hahahaha!!!

One mistake. I forgot to take a before-after picture. Feet looks damn clean and odourless after that =D

Yesterday after double checking his accounting assignment then printed it out, we went out for dinner. Normally I eat with his mum on weekdays and weekend I will follow them out for dinner. It's really 7 days a week dinner at his place. A great cost savings for my father.

It's not really my fault you know, he wants me to be there and he doesnt want to fetch me back home earlier. It's either I eat at his place or have dinner at midnight, or past midnight. My father? It's a cost savings for him of course he wont make noise. He doesn't even know I get free food and where I get them from. He doesn't even bother to be frank.

So anyway our initial plan was MEATBALL. And I wanted +Wondermilk cupcake. So he thought why dont buy cupcake and eat meatball? 2 in 1.

Hungry Ghost Festival. Hungry Ghost month. But we've totally forgotten bout the brown colour living hungry ghost in our country. We went up to Ikea Cafe and it was closed for non malays. Buffet available only for Muslims wtf.

We walked to Curve. Wanted Kenny Rogers but it was full house. Went Bubba Gump Shrimp, full as well. Walked to Fridays, wait list was so damn long. Walked the whole Food Street for 2 or 3 rounds, then so happen I saw one empty table at Kenny Rogers then we went in ask, BAM.. got seat. That is after 30mins of walk -.-

This is Fatty, thinking what to order when I've already figured what I want in just 5 minutes.

He scolded me for taking picture instead of choosing my meal.

Me: I already know what I want
fatty: ya what u want?
Me: HALF CHICKEN MEAL *cheeky smile*
fatty: *showing you-gotta-be-kidding-me look*
fatty: you know, Im going to order a quarter meal and spaghetti.
Me: ya so. U order what u want lah.
Fatty: *O-o* I am not going to finish it up for u!
Me: come on it;s just half a chicken
Fatty seriously I dont know anyone who could finish half a chicken
Me: you dont know anyone or haven seen ANY GIRL eating half chicken?
Fatty: Haven seen ANY GIRL. *wtf look*
Me: pls lah, its just half a chicken, I can finish one whole chicken all by myself ok. What is half a chicken -_-
Fatty: ......
Fatty: you're unbelievable!

Hello. In case you dont remember how I look like.

And Teing, see.. my nose got 'V' on the bridge. And it's straight. No surgery.

In the end we ordered 2 half chicken meal. And the funniest part is, I eat faster than him. And eating half a chicken is like a piece of cake for me. But him, the last part he seems to be struggling cause I saw him chewing for quite long AND leaving few pieces of chicken one side for quite some time.

ME: *points at chicken meat* eh WHY... you cannot finish ah? *cheeky smile*
Fatty: No, im still eating lah *tulan face*


Me: ooo.. ceh I tot I'm gonna beat you. cis
Fatty: *giggles*
Fatty: dont try to be funny lah!!


Fatty: even if you did beat me this time and proves you can eat more than me, I'm telling you it's not a good sign either.

Ok lah truth to be told. Actually I was so bloody damn full. The one whole chicken record belong to my brother. He loves chicken. No one could understand his love and passion for chicken.

Something Random.

I went buy pao from DJ in the afternoon. Then while waiting for them to heat up the pao, I saw this auntie paying money. Really cant get my eyes off her. You know why?


She's wearing a pair of leggings. And and..

you see yourself lah!!

Serious! Not just fashion disaster. I really dont know what to say lah!

Number one. She have big ass
Number two. Her ass are imbalance. The right one droops lower than the left ass cheek.
Number three. Pair leggings with an oversize/long top. That is not oversize/long enough

*smack head*

KK should go sleep liao tmr dont get to sleep as much as I want.



_VeL_ said...

I would never wash his legs lo. I'll just prepare the hot water for him. HAhAhaha

OMG. u had half a chicken?! It's damn large portion lo. Normally, I would have quarter meal only. Wayne had to finish up for me some more. Ur unbelievable la. HAHahaHA

And, the leggings. Ya lo. In Aussie, I saw people pair it with not so long top too lo. You're suppose to cover the ass, when you wear leggings lo. Some more some of them, their ass really *O.O*. HUGE but not nice. HAahAha.

-Littlenicky- said...

I didnt wash ok. Demonstrate only!!

If you gimme spring chicken maybe I can eat that whole chicken lah haha cause the size so small lol

HAHAHAA.. huge ass nvm u know if have a pair of balanced ass. tht auntie's ass are not equal in size one. summor the thigh there can see cellulite!!

Deng, the very eveel genius said...


That's not what I'm talking about either. Something like that, but not exactly.

-Littlenicky- said...

WHAT. how i know wor.. i tot you were referring to that ma..

something like that but not exactly?

i see my nose hor, from all angles, i took pictures then analyze hardcore still cannot understand you haha!!

Cathy C said... damn geng lor..half chicken wei..I admit I quite a big eater..but then half chicken!! gosh..i usually eat a quarter with 3 sidelines only....then already damn full...crazy wei you..hahaha

the legging..Not everyone looks nice in it..I doubt myself looking good in it.I got no nice ass...:( and the aunty really..HAHAHA