Sunday, August 16, 2009

One big hug makes my day!!!

I drove to Birdie's place. Poor boy's down with running nose, slight fever, cough, headache and blocked nose.

Then he tailed me back home (eventho it's only 10pm or so)... I was at traffic light and was syok sendiri-ing in the car so i wasn't aware that the light has turned green. He honked me. I not happy.

A big fact bout me here you all must know. I'm a careful driver, but I dont like lousy driver. (there's BIG difference between LOUSY and CAREFUL driver ok!) So whenever I'm on the road, I'll get very irritated whenever I encounter lousy driver. I will bang on the middle part of the steering wheel so damn hard for a few good minutes. Example, traffic light. I dont like traffic light, and I particularly hate people who take their own sweet time to move their car! I will hon hon hon hon and HOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNN till they go deaf.

So what do i do when i am not happy? I irritate him back by driving 40-50km/h all the way from that taman tun traffic light to my house. =D Even when I'm on LDP highway..

Stupid LDP's so damn jam for no ass reason! Class ended at 5.30 and I reach home at 7.03pm -.- Usually I reach home latest by 6.30 wan loh!!!

Brenda's celebrating her 21st birthday next Saturday. Vintage is the theme. I got my dress and found an old brown clincher in mum's closet. Have problem with bag and shoe.

I'm trying to hard to tie Hair Bow (the one popularized by Lady GaGa but she cheat wan! She wears clip on extensions, not tying it with her own hair). Been one bloody month already and i still cant tie a neat bow like Paris Hilton damn tulan!

Paris Hilton in House of Wax Premier 2005

ya of cuz I know some professionals did that for her. Then what about the tutorial videos I learn from? That Japanese girl can do it so perfectly! I was at first quite worry cause the japanese girl has bangs but I dont and I dont feel like cutting a fringe, until I saw this picture =)

This is the hard way. Couple days ago, Cheesie posted hair tutorials and I tried her cheat way, cannot also! It's still messy =( One more week to go, I dont know what to do now...

Light dinner at home, 2 hours later had heavy dinner with Bird and his mum. And supper. =D

He punished me for what I did on Wednesday. He drove me home, driving at 110km/h. I dont speed. I drive at a safe speed. And I cannot stand fast driven cars. I'd freak out if im in a fast driven car.

I couldn' sleep at all. Result coming out on monday! =(

All thanks to Chloe, bag is no longer a problem. She pinjam-ed me a very vintage bag. A cigar box to be precise.

Right after church I went makan nasi lemak at uptown with Angela and Daniel, then headed to 1u.

I must declare this. I will never want to go out with Angela again. She stressed me out loh seriously!! =.= Lunch time, she ate so little (only nasi lemak biasa and tambah like, 2 spoons of extra rice to her plate) daniel had a normal portion of rice but for someone of his height and body I expect him to eat more. Me, the smallest size of all three people, drank 2 cups of water and tambah nasi..

Then at 1u, only then i realised she could be so indecisive! Worst than me seriously.

But then must thank her for the free food (that's the most depressing part! Eat so much yet ppl pay but I swear I didnt expect her to belanja wan!) and free rides.


cheahwey said...

Failed the p45 paper, or something to that effect, ah? The one on thursday or tuesday that you didn't expect?

angela said...

i eat not so much coz i dont like chicken, ikan bilis, and a lot of cili.

i had:
2 eggs

after that go party eat sumore. same difference ma.

i stressed u out coz i ate little at that time? hahaha
where got indecisive worr haha which part

k lorr dont want go out with me already lorrr. im gona sing sad song now

-Littlenicky- said...

It's called PAPER F5. Which means 5th Fundamental paper.

SIGHHH.... gotta work even harder now. this sem taking 3 subjs. =((

ok but dun sing TOO sad song ok