Sunday, July 26, 2009

La la la, not so boring life.

Twins' back to Aussie edi. This time I feel a bit more ng seh tak than the first time.

Good bye my lord =(

I think I'll just update once a week.

My stats dropped from 30 plus to faithful 16. I really dont know who these people are (not all lah) but thanks for bothering to click for the blog's link eventhough I did not sign up for nuffnang and not signing up with nuffnang means no cash inflow which means whether there's any reader or not makes no difference. But thanks anyway.

I finished my homework! Hippy... I've never bother doing my homework before, even way back during my life as a primary student. I can never forget how the teachers called me names, despised me because apparently, I'm a lazy student. And they even made me wear ugly mask made during art classes by other class mates to humiliate me.


Well, now that I'm old enough to think properly, I would say, I am not lazy but your homeworks are just too low class for me. I'm too smart for your homework. By not doing homework or any revision, and even not packing my bags to school, I can already get reasonably good grades..

I just hate to sacrifice my cartoons for stupid meaningless homeworks.

Chuup. I remember now. I did my math homework. Only math and ignored the other subjects like BM karangan Chinese "sheng zi" and blablabla..

I seriously hate "sheng zi"..

This week's a little happening.

Thursday's Chucky's house warming. Small place so only 10 or so ppl was invited, mostly ex-classmates. (cuz this sem same class with only a few people)

Brenda and her new boy, Andrenier. =) Weird name, i know. Thats why Brenda's friend calls him Gardenier hahaha!

Yin, asst chef..

Kwee, DJ of the night. *aiya cant see face*

Tah dang~~~ this one can see her face edi..

Kenny and Bear. Till now I dont know what's Bear's real name . Look at the screen and their expression haha!

Chucky. Host.

*nyeom nyeom nyeom* Yin's meditating for a flat tummy

Photos all curi-ed from Facebook (brenda and kwee), there's a few more ppl lah but I dont want plagarize so much...

I curled my hair to church today. Look ok wan at first.. then by noon everything look so horrible edi. Later going to yin's birthday party at TGIF Curve, didn't know what to do with my hair. Pin up or leave it or hairband or tie?

[4 hours later]
I've decided to wear hairband =D

Birthday girl

The girls from my class..
Adelyn, Yin, Rebecca and Brenda

Me, enjoying clam chowder. I had the 2 course meal RM 29.90 for starter + main course

Kenny, photographer of the night, cuz he had dinner hefore this

The ones sitting in front are mostly my classmates. The one sits at the back are P-level people whom i know not..

Last group picture.

Pictures from phone and facebook.

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