Thursday, June 04, 2009

Dear friends in Aussie

Miss Leung will be leaving on the 9th, 4pm.

Last minutely called for a small byebye gathering at Station One (Jaya One that branch). Hui Han couldn't make it cause Friday is her Mid Term presentation.. Foong Khim last minutely FFK.. Guo Zhang is still in Johor i think.

Sorry yea, I know Hwey would be quite irritated with the photo quality but pls dont be angry lah! Everyone was using phone camera ma, people like us couldn't afford a canggih camera that takes superb quality pictures.

Miss Cheah. Long time no see!

with Chui Teng. AHHH I love my hairband. I hope F21 will bring in more. So far can only get from online lor.

Siokwah was the only one who wear till a bit... kua jeong. hahhahaa... with make up summor!

I like this the most!! haha

The rest nothing special lah. Just a few more pictures before leaving.

Facebook got more. Hopefully Sim Ai efficient enough lah!


cheahwey said...

Oh don't worry, our Ah Sim is very efficient. So is Station One the new hang out place or what?

-Littlenicky- said...


nolah cuz evryone dunno go whre ma.. so chia li simply choose one place lor. summor Jaya One is more convenient to everyone except me.

nobodyknowsme said...

haahha.. so me proven efficient rite rite??? hahaha :P
erm.. station one wc chose wan actually.. haha..
yaya, more convenient lo for everyone..hahah

-Littlenicky- said...

yeah yeah very

ya meh then tht day u told me chia li chose wan?