Wednesday, June 03, 2009

ACCA so laku meh?

Guess what guess what.

Taylor is now conducting ACCA too, starting from this July. =.= And they purposely put up a few banner outside Sunway College.

Used to be only Sunway and TAR College, and probably public universities and a few more small colleges. Then, not long ago, McOrange.. then SEGi, then KDU and now Taylors. zzz

International school also same thing. It's like mushroom sprouting everywhere. There's one new one called British International School somewhre near KBU. And one more new one called Real INternational.. but not sure whre lah, but somewhere nearby also

And i tot now economy very bad?? where all these people get the money to finance such expensive school fees. My father said, long years ago, international schools are meant for diplomat's children.. not like now... makes us, those from government school appears so low class.

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