Saturday, May 23, 2009

WoW should be baned!

Eversince he bought WoW.. we hardly talk much to each other edi.

WoW is not only his new game, but also his friends, his buddy, his girlfriend, his wife, his life. -_-

me: come teman me.
Bird: cannot, I'm on a quest
me: ....

Before this I've seen and heard some friends constantly complaining bout their other halves being a very loyal customer to cyber cafes [for dota].. and I couldn't understand why and thought I've been such a good and understanding person [bcuz i dont really *note dun really means rarely mans once a while I'll still make noise* complain when he went out for dota night out, besides he hardly goes out edi these few mths]

The above paragraph is now history because not because he paid RM141 for that stupid game [food money!!!] , he's been to hooked up with all that quest quest quest. Now I really don't understand WHY is Wow SO FUN? It's another killing game and who cares whether this game or that game has a story line or not.

Maple. Ragnaroc. Dota. World of Warcraft. ALL. THE.SAME

Not to mention the monthly whatever fees. -_-

I've been focusing much on my studies since last Sunday, and since he's having some random aches and pains again.. I'll just take it as his permission card. At least he has something to do other than sleeping.

But now what I cannot tahan is that, can one be SO BLOODY FOCUSED ON THE QUESTS THAT I CANNOT GET MY *goodnight msg*.

I dont think I can sleep lor.. feeling so geram zzzzzzzzz

Sometimes I really hope when lighting strikes, his comp zong jiu... off a while, after that back to normal. Everything's normal... except.. WoW has been deleted. Of course, at the same time.. I hide or maybe throw away .. no no no.. sell away the cd then get money..


dream come true pls. Dream come trueee...

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