Friday, May 15, 2009

is it a wrong choice?

My brain is putting on a lot of weight. I need a new, better, tougher skull.

After much thinking, I've finally come to a conclusion that ACCA isn't that tough actually. It is in fact a very demotivating course.

All I have to do is just to spend some time to memorise and probably squeeze a bit of my brain juice to do some calculation.. no assignment no need do research work. It's just like a baby, wanna eat, just open your mouth then swallow. Your mum is there ever ready to feed.

Thinking of the fact that I'd be exploited by the audit companies after gradution sickens me even more.

Everyone's been telling me how much the corporate people would appreciate qualified accountant and experienced worker and an employee who could manage themselves well makes me feel like ending my life right now.

I hate to hear people saying ACCA graduates are more competent at work. We're not competent. We're just forced to motivate and push ourselves...

I hate to hear people say it's good to work for the Big Five. Yea lah work for big companies of cuz good lah! who dunno ur mother is a woman? You know how much stress you have to face or not? Just like how much pain your mother had to bear just to push you out from her pussy... who says only working for big firm you'd learn things? ***!

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