Sunday, May 17, 2009

Corset bra sucks

I wore the corset bra to church today.

Church service was never a torture. . . except today!

1) Took me 5 mins to wear the thing! Imagine, one whole row of (bra) buckles.

2) I particularly hate the wire, both at the front and back. The tightness of the bra forced me to suck in my huge stomach, and cause of the stupid wires I had to sit straight all the time. Straight as in 90 degree that sort. Imagine how the ladies in Victorian Era sits. ( Because if you don't sit straight, the wire will somewhat bengkok-kan diri.. then you'll feel uncomfortable.. )

Half the time I tried to adjust myself to a better sitting position but nope, can only sit straight. So if you're sitting few rows behind me, you might see someone bending down the backbone then pop up straight again after few seconds.. (Imagine what happens in a guy's pants when he sees a naked hot chick walking pass..)

Throughout the whole time in church I was suffering from lower backache and my lungs had been working extra hard to get more oxygen

3) Due to the bigger bra cup size, I inserted 2 sponges to each cup. (See I'm so honest!) But no use cause it's still loose; and and I think I didnt adjust properly so my left bao looks bigger and more pointy compared to the right one. Anyway I realised that only when I'm sitting down in church, but I think nvm wan lo hor.. no one would look at mine anyway.

Ok. This is probably my fault, I shouldn't have buy something that isn'tmy size.. what more a bra!

I will never wear that again! Never ever again!...


_VeL_ said...

waliao shouldn't have bought a bigger size bra la. don't get into impulse purchase anymore, except for sweets and snacks. XD

cheahwey said...

Okay, maybe you should never have wore it at all. At least if it's unused you could've sold it for a higher price.

-Littlenicky- said...

err.. i can always say it's brand new haha..

nvm lah.. maybe next time got events that time can wear.. events need bigger boobs ma