Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ah pa Ah pa

Remember you, without fail, day and night, reminded me again and again.. to get myself a pair of good shoe? And the importance of owning (and wearing) a pair of good shoe? And that the price is not a big problem as long as it's doing our body good?

Remember remember????

NAH! I'm not that bat hao. This one.. reasonable affordable price. I know you're a stingy person, I tolong lu jaga pocket jugak.

Only USD 98.00 =D

Leather lining. Rubber+leather sole i think. Besides, I need a pair of shoe for jogging/exercise =)

And remember you said about getting another pair of shoe? LEATHER SHOE. GOOD LEATHER. Which I insisted on NOT to buy because I know your definition of GOOD LEATHER and only old people would bother buying/wearing/searching for a pair of good leather shoe (that's why the designs are so yucky!)..


Today. I I found few pairs of good leather shoe.

Calf Leather. Some are yong- meh-meh leather

All from Chanel.

Soli ah. Wah ng zhai itu shoe cost how much because website didn't state the price.

[see told you I like ballerina flats. I don't wear them often cause I only have one pair. I only have one pair cause I cant seem to find any nice ones]

Dont worry. You can ignore the heel. They're lovely. Being a shoe maniac, I love them a lot. But I know what is realistic. =) I am not Paris Hilton. I don't need them. See enough edi. See only!

Chanel is sophisticated. Classic. Gorgeous. Exotic. Elegant. [dont you think so?]

Why am i not studying now ah? Sigh!!!


cheahwey said...


-Littlenicky- said...

what. U buy Nike also almost same price lah!

summor this one got leather component. I just dun quite like the signature logo part.. the rest still ok

_VeL_ said...

These are so called ballerina shoes ar? I thought what. Anyway, these shoes with those flat heels there don't look nice wan lo. Aussie ones, all tak ada wan. I wanna get those la!

-Littlenicky- said...

err.. get from US lah! nicer lor! F21 only USD8.50 one pair!!