Thursday, April 30, 2009

stupid-est sale i've ever been

Zara group is having a warehouse clearance starting from today till Sunday, 11am-9pm.

Here in Malaysia we don't have other brands (under the company) so, it's only Zara, Massimo Dutti and Pull&Bear.

I was initially super excited and happy. Then saw the queue.....

Super lllooooooooonnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg.... easily 10km!!! Everybody was there!

Everybody includes those wearing super chio-ly, to those wearing pasar malam shirts; those with an authentic branded bag to D grade replica; locals and foreigners; macho man to gay asses;
old and young.. even mat rempits were there.

You'll know why I call them Mat Rempits later.

Anyway the "warehouse" is in Mystique, some pathetic club at Cineleisure. Sudah tutup business punyer...

The management is damn weak I'd say. The whole event is so disorganised.

The front part..the part you see everyone flocking like salted fish.. it's actually "the queue". There's no lane at all! the line starts at the back. And there's two parts, Lets just name them left and right lane.

Left lane, the lane I was queuing at, are mostly civilised ppl. The other "lane", the barbarian jumpqueuers. Why I said civilised, cause, there's actually A PROPER LINE.. the other part was just another bunch of jumping frogs!

1 hour later, I'm one of those salted fish. Out of the blue.. the queue was gone!! Just like tht!

After 15mins of pushing and being pushed and being squashed, finally the management asked for the public's co-orperation to form a proper line =.=

And worst of all, they closed up the civilised people's lane and told us to behave ourselves. Horror of all horror, they let all the mat rempits and frogs in first before us, the civilised people.

Mat Rempits. Most of them jumped queue. And they behave as if they've never heard of warehouse clearance or sale before. So barbaric! They push and shout and "protest" untill the main entrance glass door also gave way. A lot pasar malam aunties too included.

I understand that they tried to make things nice, neat and organised. But the management should have known that this is Malaysia, not US, not everyone knows what is manners and courtesy.

2 hours and 6 minutes later. Finally, I managed to get in.

I've never been to Mystique before so I dont know how patheticly small that club is. And the management damn smart, all the clothesracks are arranged so near to each other, and they allow so many people in at a time. In there was so packed that no one knows where is entry where is exit where is the cashier queue where is the starting point and where is the ending point.

Wasted 2 hours plus. I came out with a belt from Massimo Dutti (for dad) and a painful leg! I cant anything for myself cause everything in there is either size L or XL *curse curse curse* Anyway I saw almost my entire class' classmates in there.

Really. Everyone's there!

That place was so packed that the whole row of steel bars was pushed and fell. One of the bars fell right on my toe!

Super painful. I dont know how am I going to sleep later!!!! As you can see, blood clog, bengkak.. and most horrible of all.. affects my nerves. my whole right leg basically feels like hell! I cant lay my foot flat nor stretch my leg straight. Walking is a huge problem for me now!!!

I heard hor, last Sunday, there was a Levi's warehouse sale. RM100 per pair.. most importantly, plenty of sizes. My fren went and bought 4 pairs!! Only RM300+ wor she said, on her total spending. So cheap lor!!!

Sigh. Damn not worth it lah. Grabbed one belt for dad and lost a toe =(


cheahwey said...

I would've just left. I'll buy a belt somewhere else if I had to. Why the heck was there so many people anyway? was the markdown significant?

-Littlenicky- said...

because the flyers and etc says irresistible savings

all lies! it's just like the normal zara sale. and all size L and XL.

how i know why all the rich ppl go for what.. not like they cannot afford full price.