Monday, April 27, 2009

I want donuts for dinner!

Hello everybody.

Krispy Kreme is here. =) Grand opening, TODAY! At Times Square.

Print screen. Yup, so happen my Firefox "skin" is in Green. I change it everyday teehee. Ytd was white background with grey circles or swirls.

Lester the informer planned to get the *sparkles* GOLDEN TICKET *sparkles* all for himself. The greedy me wanted the *sparkles* GOLDEN TICKET *sparkles* all for myself.

me: I WANT THE GOLDEN TICKET *japanese manga sparkle eyes*
Bird: OMG! one whole year supply. Sek sei lei ah!
Bird: you so small size.. yet so greedy *shake head*
Bird: not fat enough izzit now?!?!

After talking to Lester, I aimed for *bling bling* SILVER TICKET *bling bling* instead. 6 mths not bad also ma hor?

Initial plan was to go down to KL at 9am by train. Then meet up with Lester, I think, then shopping. But then later dad says i have to stay home to babysit helpless kids cause he's going to Seremban with friends.

That Lester hor went down to KL at freaking 3am!!! With Hamster and Panda. And all he [or they] got is only one month free donuts ticket.

And apparently the guy who won the *sparkle* GOLDEN TICKET *sparkles* was there waiting since SATURDAY. FREAKING 3 DAYS!!! WASTE 3 DAYS JUST TO GET ONE YEAR FREE DONUTS!!!

Super lifeless lor!!!

omg i'm feeling damn hungry now. Sigh!


Lester said, can only get the Glazed Donuts for free, no variety to choose. And it's sweet like hell! One week can only get max a dozen.


me: u know who got the ticket?
Lester: some stupid girl



cheahwey said...

so do we know who the golden ticket winner is yet?

-Littlenicky- said...

not yet er... i feel like slaughtering him lor