Sunday, March 08, 2009


1) New hairdo

Midnight. In room. With Flash

Before sleep. Room. With flash.

Flipped hair. 9am Sunlight. With flash.

I did full head colouring in warm brown and full head highlight in red.

Both colour should be darker than the end result. The base colour should be warm brown (but turned out to be mocha) and red should be just the normal red/maroon (but now looks more like dark pink highlight).... i don't know.

Not sure if it's due to my natural not-so-dark hair colour or cause my hair is dry or cause my hair's chemical absorption rate is higher.. I dont know.. somehow, all the colour turned out 1-2 shades lighter than the samples.

The weirdest part is, I'm quite sure catalog samples sure bleached before wan. And I reckon those are real human hair. But I asked the stylist before the whole process took place, he told me no bleaching required and he did informed me bout the short life span of my red highlights.

Price. Total is only RM160. Includes trimming, full head colouring, full head highlight and treatment.

Didn't cut much lah. Just layered more cause he said my hair is very thick =.=

But now my face look pale and bleached. I need to brush a little small speck of pink dust on my cheecks and taint my lips with some natural colour lipstick or wee bit of lip gloss before i leave the house.

Opinions. Bird just said ok ler.. not bad ler.. [I expected more! =<] Angela said hot hehe.. Chloe said nice.. so now i think its nice also hahahahahahaaa.......

2) Little girl

Wah see I so motherly hahahahhahahahaaaa... xD

Birdie's niece from Ah Meh Lei Kah.

Suka taking picture. Always pose with her funny funny face.

Took me an hour to do this. OMG!

Chin yi (not even sure if this is the correct spelling) practically laughs at everything. Very happy child. Very active. Loves jumping. Loves pink. Loves lipstick.

And she sayang her uncle a lot!

She has got very high stamina. Jagaing her for an hour is like a marathon run for me. Quite tiring. I couldn't imagine how I'm able to take care of my own kids (if got lah!) next time... *pengsan*

haiyo damn tired edi. Gtg. Bird's waiting for me...


cheahwey said...

If don't see your face, your hair is damn nice. HAHAHAHAHA... No lah, no lah..

But really, you look like leng mui with the red highlights. If it was just the brown, then you will look like Eurasian, which is pretty damn hot.

You know your collage ah, the top right picture reminds me of you.


Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Okay okay only la. HaHaha

-Littlenicky- said...


i nvr did highlight before ma.. but i never tot the brown would be so light..

the top right collage IS me =.=
u dun say u know u miss me also lah jejjeejee...

-Littlenicky- said...

oh wait. u mean the chin yi collage ah?

oh.. hahahaa.. look like me meh?

but she;s damn cute lah!