Friday, February 06, 2009

I am so proud of my wallet =)

Sigh. Tomorrow by right, should have able to sleep as long as I want, but have to wake up for Malaysian Studies class -_- Then Saturday got extra Tax class for 8 hours. Monday is Public Holiday but i have to go back to college for Tax extra class (another 8 hrs).. =(

Super sad life!

But walking around in college with my Coach wallet makes me feel damn proud. I'll describe a scenario:

Break time. Takes out wallet.. wait for friends..

Fren 1: oh. purple!
Fren 2: nice colour..
me: *smile*
Fren 3: where you buy wan?
me: oh. It's from Coach (must emphasize) *bangga*
All 3 frens: WOW!
me: *mi mi xiao*

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