Friday, January 16, 2009

not enough lah 24 hours!

Birdie's sister is going back tmr I don't mind going to airport if only her flight is not in the morning. I'm considered not bad edi lor not sending her off at least i purposely went over to their house just to say "bye bye" summor she so nice bought me Coach purse =D But that Bird very bad lor simply tell the sister that i went over say goodbye hoping that the next time when she comes back she will buy me LV or Gucci or Prada no need buy Coach cuz got Coach edi actually got maple syrup i'm more than happy edi heheFrankly speaking I personally think she is nice just that seeing the way she scold her brother and command her boyfriend I think she is a bit fierce and terror but at least she is a very responsible elder sister lor I can never be so patient with my siblings wan Sometimes I want a elder sister/brother also leh nice one lah not someone like somebody I am freaking tired ACCA is very exhausting I have to be more kiasu and nerdy gotta spend less cash and time on other stuff social life I mmg dont have one but now have to be even more anti-social cause of the heavy workload and worse of all my class is full of nerds hence it's very very competitive Sigh I want to watch Gem of Life and few more TVB show and read some chic flick. But no time =( omg i am so freaking tired i want to sleep now why the hell i type so much omg omg omg

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