Saturday, December 20, 2008

Outdated events

Lately always not home, very busy =)

The first thing I want to tell is... I did another hit and run on Tuesday =S

Happened in One Utama. No I am not proud of what had happen. I was reversing then... BHAM! I didn't mean to run away wan okay.. was bloody hell panic and sister was making a lot of noise.. But I somehow had the time to get out from the car and snap a picture..

Stupid sister promised wont tell dad but after I left for supper she damn big mouth blah everything out to my father zzz..

Went Pavilion with boyfriend =) Best day ever.. Before that he fetched me to ACCA office to pay up my subscription fee.. very heavy traffic. Seriously I wont want to stay in KL.

I love Pavilion man. Really.

People there are so different from 1U's shoppers. At 1u, all you see is ladies carrying either Coach or LV or Gucci, usually the boring monogram ones, which I think it's the cheaper luxury bag.. and some just one glimpse I know it's not original.

But Pavilion. You still see ladies carrying Coach, LV , Gucci monogram bags but the designs and all are slightly different.. seems slightly unusual. Plus, I saw one lady holding a Limited Edition Gucci and another young girl [i think younger than me] using a Chloe denim handbag and you'll also see people wearing other various big names like Marc Jacobs, Salvatore Ferragamo and etc. Seriously you'll feel fun just by sitting down on one of the benches looking at bags...

And 70% of the ladies or girls were wearing make up. You hardly see anyone without make up, except for me and cleaning aunties. And most of them groom their hair nicely and neatly, unlike mine =( And most of them were wearing heels as well. I am one of those jakun who prefers to wear sandals ..

I love their Forever 21, it's so much better than One Utama's. I had hard time choosing cause they have many many colours for you to choose. In the end I bought only ONE purple tee, which couldn't fit me.

We paid Rm13 for parking. And RM7.90 for a plate of normal nasi lemak!!!

But I'm going there again with Justin this time. If he prefers Fish Spa over Ice Skating.

Gem of life is so nice so exciting.. Thank you Alec =)

I'm flying off to Penang on the 1st then 3rd fly to Langkawi from Penang. Coming back on the 6th. =)

And I need a medium size luggage trolley. I have 2 gigantic trolley luggage.. and the rest are not trolley. I want trolley. But I refuse to buy one.

So, anyone willing pinjam me?

Xmas Eve maybe going up to Genting for fireworks. Is there any fireworks in the first place?


Deng, the very eveel genius said...

So your dad let you go? or, you know, you did the 'L' word. I'm betting on the latter lo.

-Littlenicky- said...

He said if you want to go then go but my advice is better not to.

But I haven tell him my decision...

_VeL_ said...

u going to Penang on 1st too? me too, wayne 3. maybe just the both of us or with his friends too. don't know yet but we are surely going.

and going to Langkawi as well. we might bump into each other there. lol

and, u wanna pinjam luggage bag? my house have a lot. trolley means? with 4 wheels? =.=

-Littlenicky- said...
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Deng, the very eveel genius said...

You crazy ah? Tell the whole world where you staying.

_VeL_ said...

we are staying at Penang for a night only then maybe 2 nights at Langkawi. not sure got many places to visit or not. and i'm definitely not going for water activities. =D

we haven't book any hotel yet. we have a contact to get room in Continental Hotel in Penang. as Langkawi, not sure yet. maybe we will stay in the same one. =)

medium one not very big only ma. not that hard to pass to u. but don't know is it the one that you want or not only.

-Littlenicky- said...


I'm going Awana on the 31st.. then his parents will drive up to Penang then on the 4th fly to Langkawi...

Can lah I dun mind as long as got wheels... i dun like to carry with my hands wan lor.. At first suppose take from my aunt wan but she stays in KL so i lazy go down there ma.. but u stay in Kajang how are u gonna pass ur luggage to me and how am i gonna return back to u? -.-

-Littlenicky- said...

nah nah nah remove edi lah ish ish

nvm lah i take aunt only lah