Thursday, November 20, 2008

la la la

1) Green tea is addictive!
2) I have 12 days more! nerdy mode is still yet to be activated.
3) I swear! My MSN display picture is damn nice! deserve an award man haha..
4) Loverboy coming back on Saturday afternoon! yeay...
5) Btw, I might be going to Sunway now instead of KDU. DAD LAH!!!.. I wanted Sunway at first then he ordered me to study at KDU then I have to go through all the therapy and brainwash myself then now, I'm all ready to go KDU liao, then now he told me to go Sunway ZZZZZZZ....
6) I bought black diamante studs to zh'ng my pendrive hehe...

Anyway, gtg liao.. my facebook puppy is hungry :)

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