Monday, November 10, 2008


Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday happy birthday
Happy Birthday to me

Birthday, and today got test ZZZ... monday blue summor... gosh

But at least there's a few ppl wished me. At least I know I'm not exactly that alone and forgotten lol...


Birdie promised to celebrate my birthday on Tuesday the 11th (which is today) instead because he had class (and test) on Monday. When he said Tuesday, I
thought maybe he'll call when the sun is hanging high high up in the sky.. (summor Tuesday he dunnit to attend any classes so I'm expecting him to sleep till 2pm or so)

Instead, he conned me. He called as usual, after his gym at 11pm (on the 10th) then asked me out...apparently to buy some stuff only.. wont be long wan...[i don't know why but I always fall for these 4 words ZZZ] will send me home in about er.. an hour's time max 2 hrs... and blah blah blah [ and this sentence too... ish]

The moment I step into the car, he start to irritate me with his very not interesting conversation + kacau-ing. Not sure if he did on purpose or not lah, but mmg a bit irritated cuz 1) was doing work at home when he called (was busy with my notes n etc) 2) it's bout body building.

Sometimes it's kinda fun lah get to learn more unusual stuff and understand more bout your body and etc but when this happen too often, it makes you a bit er... agitated? It becomes not so interesting [sometimes not interesting at all.. but I cannot say this, I think I have to be very supportive] anymore...

Putting on the optimistic cap, those body slimming fella
*coughloseweightnowaskmehowcough* can never earn a single penny from me because I know the truth *wink*

So, basically I wasn't in my best mood lah. Plus hor, he kept disturbing me... And also hor basically I expected nothing lah from anybody, except my father.

At his house. An hour after supper. He did all sort of non sense stuff, irritates me even more. And he forbade me from leaving his room. I very
ng song because wanted to eat Rum&Raisin ice cream that time...

Then suddenly he led me to the kitchen [i thought wah finally can eat ice cream liaooo] ... BUTTTT....





I saw cake on the table instead.......

A slice of dunno what tiramisu cheese or something cake with candles.. He don't rmb the name mar, not my fault.

And now I realised, I think he did all the irritating stuff on purpose.

There's another 2 slices in the fridge. [one for tuesday one for wednesday another one for thursday. friday rest cannot eat too much later fei fei.. then sat n sun eat another flavour ^^]

I dunno-what- banana(L) and orange cheese (R) ... he think

3 slices of cake mmg damn simple n all... but I AM DAMN happy =) I'm not happying cause i get to eat cake on my birthday [i am not that pig okay!].. it's cause never once I'd expect him to do something so early... The ooo-i-saw-cake-with-candle incident happened at 1.30am of 11th Nov. [at first I expect him to sweet talk me to skip class again and have already prepared myself (a must do) receive a late afternoon call. I knw his timing VERY WELL]

Anyway he said he bought the cake from Pasar Malam. Not bad lor (the taste and presentation ) for pasar malam's standard..Look almost like La Manila's...

I am very happy teeheeehheee...


cheahwey said...

why you so pathetic sing birthday song to yourself..


I saw a juicy couture store just now.

Yes, I'm deliberately mentioning this to annoy you xD

-Littlenicky- said...

eh this year really a bit pathetic lor.. even i myself have not much feel to celebrate..

bird sang me birthday song hahaha..

my brother sang me a song also.. while i was about to enter the dreamland-gate.. he suddenly scared/shocked/surprised me with a song... hahahaa...

I'm not a huge fan of Juicy Couture also I only like their charm bracelet watch.. tell me lah.. their Zara or Esprit shop damn syok damn keng chao then i'd be thrilled hahahah

cheahwey said...

I haven't seen ONE Esprit shop here lor. Zara got lah. GAP has so many outlets here its not funny.

-Littlenicky- said...

esprit too high class for Japanese hahahahhahahaa...

zara boots there exp or not? here about 250-450 RM...

Deng, the very eveel genius said... sweet. hahaha. I also cannot guess bird will do that. BUT! Wouldn't you suspect something when he forbade you to leave his room!??! Normally you can walk around freely ma!

cheahwey said...

zara m'ya stuff mmm ngam ngor so i didnt check wor. somemore msia wear boots for nuts ah...

-Littlenicky- said...

zara very yeah wan lor. u no likey zara u no yeah

nope. he dun like me roam around wan.. but my leg itchy always walk here n there.. so he usually will forbid me from going out from his room lol

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

You know what. I suddenly realised something. The two candles on your cake didnt register anything when i saw it. Now only I realise you're TWENTY already. HAHahaHAHa. We're so old!!

-Littlenicky- said...

old meh? no feel wor lol

well, do u feel old? i some what feel.. energized hahaha