Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Today I tried to be studious.

I brought the F1 book
(ACCA first fundamental subject - Accountant in Business, not Formula's mixture of Organisation behavior, Econs and Accounting Principals) over to boyfriend's house to study (first time touching that book by the way) but can hardly focus.. my mind swayed easily, nothing went into my head.

No I dont understand why is it so hard just to be good for once? ish...

Btw Chea Hwey, I need by pendrive back liao... urgent man, gotta brush up in my studies liao. December exam.. 2.5 mths more!

Shout: I want to be slim.

No I am not slim nor thin. I am just, small in size. But I couldn't afford to lose too much weight. It's damn hard for me to get a fitting shirt, pants and skirt now.. I need not to be very thin like Kate Moss or Amy Winehouse... I just want slimmer thigh/legs.

I used to have strong firm leg muscles but now it's getting more and more flabby. lazy lah dont exercise summor lah! I measured, it's 16 inches. Damn fat!! My legs are short enough already, I surely do not want a short stubby fat leg.. who want who want?!?! I want it to be 14 or 13.5 inches.

Last week Lester told me something about green apple diet and detoxification.I thought of trying it this week, for beauty's sake - lessen pimples and detoxification helps to meng-smaller-kan ur tummy.. who knows, it might work for thigh as well ^^

By the way, I am pao-ing boyfriend's body building fat burning pills hahaha... But he said it work best with proper (healthy) diet and exercise. Diet, no problem! But exercise part... err...

I told dad and Birdie umpteen times about this. I reminded dad to buy me lots of green apples but he didn't. Birdie on the other hand, bought me a cheese bun and a donut. -______- Man hor, they just wont remember what you said!

Thus, plan postponed to Next week! Sigh....

Gosh~~ I'm craving for cheese cake now.

Oohhh... I heard hor, Centre Point Drive Thru McD kena robbed yesterday. Then just now I thought of buying cake for supper from Secret Recipe wan.. but then tutup liao, and it was only 11pm usually they close at 12am wan lor!!

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