Saturday, September 06, 2008

Tiresome night

Yesterday night was pure madness. Played Monopoly until 6 in the morning!! Dad called me non stop since 4.30am... I feel damn bad, I wanted to go home too but I'm too afraid to walk home at that hour. My driver is have a lot of fun that time.....

And today, kena kao kao from father. Yea I know it's my fault I shouldn't have went out so late at night but that is the only time I can see my Fatty. Maybe I should suggest another break up, again. Nvm talk bout this later.

Lester damn gay lor that night. He's like Shi Huang Ti... conquering each and every Kingdom, killing every Kings, Queen and Warlords. And in the end, united the whole of China (in this case, the monopoly board)..

Alec is a very funny guy. He called Birdie Big size small brain giant monster... he named Lester's territory (on the monopoly board) Lester Land. It does sound funny that night

I'm feeling very tired still. Can go neither church nor class. Gosh~~~

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