Friday, September 26, 2008

happy ending

I went ACCA HQ. Settled =) Great relief lor!!!

Went KLCC. OMG.. from now on hor, I want to shop at KLCC lor... no more 1Utama.

KLCC Esprit has damn a lot XS size!!! And a lot more shirts that you don't see at 1Utama... But I prefer The Curve's MNG..

Oh. SHOES... I love Lewre's shoes but its damn freaking expensive. Nine West look nice but not comfy wan...

Passed by LV, tot of going in see see look look a bit but the guards look so fierce... I've been into LV once only lor, that also after begging mum for quite some time.. (she said LV monogram damn ugly)!

Oh NOOO... I forgot the most important thing I wanna say. Definitely not the shopping part.
ACCA HQ is at Wisma Denmark marr... The Danish Embassy's building I think (but Danish Embassy mmg on one of the high high floors lah yalah so i think that building should belongs to the Danish Embassy). The lift sucks. Gotta wait damn long wan.. but lucky for me.. I saw 3 ELIGIBLE DANISH MAN. Omg.. I dunno what I want to say edi... *flying in the air* Oh the three man hor.. damn yeng wan.. tall and slim.. not fatty that kind.. dont smell like garlic or onion.. but got a bit too much bulu lor.. One of them wears cologne..

while waiting for lift.. kap kao kao... inside lift.. kao lagi more.. best lift-ride lor so far AHHaahahAHAHAHahahahahAHAAaa...

OMG.. I am so lame. Why am I typing all these irrelevant uninteresting stuff -.-''

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