Monday, August 04, 2008

Today is the day....

.... where one of my colleague starts her insurance preaching *runforyourlife* she just couldn't stop talking bout how important it is to have savings and blah blah blah *swt* Yes I know it's important to save but then you have to pay insurance installment every month wan ma and not everybody is so financially independant. Certain group of people don't even have enough to pay for all their basic and daily needs so how do you expect them to buy insurance
(Actually she tried to preach Christianity as well. preaching + insurance = ZZZZZ)

.... where I finally notice, some group of Christians, really think of nothing but to only do good, be nice and stay away from evil *swt* Yes we need to, even non christians, but then sometimes have to use brain and be wise, use wisdom... Some people are just damn naive..

....where I realized, sometimes, working without any colleagues is even better than having one or a few... Certain group of people enjoy cari pasal-ing *rolleyes*

anyway my system will be down for maybe 2 days... with flu and fever.. I hate haze!!!

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