Monday, August 25, 2008


After spending almost RM200 on groceries at Jusco on Saturday, I went again for another grocery shopping at Tesco with dad.

I had a short walk at Curve. And this season is purple season. Most shop's main theme colour is purple. Esprit, MNG, and even ZARA (1U)...

I love Esprit, I love MNG, I love purple....Can you imagine how happy was I?

I saw purple tees, purple sandals, purple watches, purple shoe, purple sweater, purple coat and so on.... OMG.. I went all crazy over everything

When I was in MNG, I lose my sanity, started grabbing all the purple stuff and getting ready to test all of them in the dressing room. Dad stoned there for a short moment, amused at my reaction then without any hesitation stopped me and forced me to drop everything back to the shelf =(

I'm gonna spurge!!! WAHAHHAHAHAAA....

Sorry, i know i bored you again with my shopping trip.

To twins, forgive me for I do not think I'd have any extra pence in my wallet for your birthday presents =D

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