Thursday, August 21, 2008

I've decided

to get myself a pair of Green contact lens hehehehee.... and maybe another pair of purple.. and another red, like the LG Scarlet tv ad. Just for fun... besides, I dont know how is it like to wear contact lens.. hahhaa...

And I think I'll just trim my hair + some (very nice) brown highlight =)


I found this hahhaa.. Colour lens testing with your own photo...


*Natural Blue*

*Natural Gray*

*Natural Green*

*Green for dark eyes...*

LOOK DAMN WEIRD LOR HOR?!?!... But I seriously dun believe only fair skin people would look good in anything... surely there is something that suit tanned skin people... HMPHHH!! Sometimes I am really not satisfied with only one colour iris lor... Like hair, at least I tried red and light brown... perhaps purple, later hehehe....


Gzhang said...

If you're getting coloured contact lenses, you might want to try the real deal for yourself.

I've seen people getting the green lenses only to have it turn out brownish green.

Has something to do with our Asian brown eyes, I think.

-Littlenicky- said...

really ah? then i buy RED colour lor hahahahaha