Sunday, January 13, 2008

I'm excited!! Yeeha

To summarize things:

Couple days ago, Fatty Boy first asked if I'm free on Sunday (which is tomorrow). He mentioned that he has something to give.

Is that suppose be a surprise?? =D

When asked what is that, he keep it rather mysterious!

My super smart brain tells me that it must be either my Birthday present or Christmas present or maybe, BOTH!!

Birthday on November. Christmas on December. And it's January now. Which means, whether you give it yesterday today or tomorrow, it'd be still a belated present. Sounds no difference to me, so, WHY DONT YOU GIVE IT (or them) to me now?!?!

'Because got different lah! Stop asking so much! U'll know lah on Sunday'


some body says he knows what to gimme. Which means, it's something that I'd die to have!! Something i LOVE...

Play Station Portable?


the Kipling bag that I shown you?


The ODM watch?
But i never show u that before ah...


Gold Toga Dress from Eclipse?



HAHA.. kk i'm just being greedy LOL... But no harm guessing right?

OMG.... I'm so eager to know what in the world is THAT!!!!


Cant sleep lah!!!

Owh. Hhhhmmmm. maybe i shouldn't be thinking so much of it.

Just in case if he haha suddenly being *ahem* and give me something "LOL"

High expectation brings high disappointment


but I'm curious!!!

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