Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hwey You're The Best =)

Lovely afternoon.

I don't understand why lately i just couldn't wake up on time to go to college.

Big sigh. Today, I did not attend any classes. Luckily today's Tuesday, one lesson of account and 2 lessons of Business Maths (something like form 5 mod math). Didn't lose much.

An hour after i remove my small yet heavy body from my king size bed, sister called from school. According to her, she waited for dad for llllooooooonnnnnggggggg time but has yet spot his shadow. I figured he must have forgotten bout his own daughter, again!!

1) Dad forgotten to pick up sister for couple of times liao.

2) This is a super LOL story: Happened few years back, one fine afternoon Mum, dad and I went lunch. When we're ready to ciao, a car double parked us, but there's some little space at the back. Dad plans to reverse and slip the ass out and he needs MY help. I went down, did my traffic duty, car went out of the parking lot smoothly, without scratching other car. Dad DROVE OFF, just like that!! I chased after the car. Mum was in the car screaming "PAPA U FORGOT PENG PENG LAH!!"
*side-bar ends*

Dad went out with brother, left me no car so cant fetch that little bitch home.

Blah Blah Blah, so in the end, my last resort, Chea Hwey!

'oh no problem! i'll pick her no worries. she's like my sister also!'

Gosh....... Thank goodness for Hwey man. You see, if this thing occurs again and you're in aussie, what am i suppose to do?!?!?!

BUT..... somehow i dunno how, old man, i think he remembers his younger daughter... so yeap, he picked her up so Chea Hwey, sorry wei woman for the trouble!


-Dad and brother waited for that little monster outside her school.
- Little monster was buying junk food and yakking away with her frens.
-Dad waited for long long time then he got pissed off then he drove off, bring brother to saloon.
- After all her friends left, she was scared thus called me.
- After brother's haircut, dad went school look for his little monstrous daughter.

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Cathy said...

hahaha..kesian hwey...but ur LOL story was funny la..LOL..i was like having the exact picture of how it looks like then..lol