Wednesday, January 02, 2008


my sleeping hours are screwed up again:
staying up at night, sleeping when sun rise...just like an owl or a bat!

I think i need to buy more cosmetic products.

Foundation, concealers, correction pen, two way cake and so on, to cover up my flaws.

I know, some may say my skin is not bad. But I'm not satisfied lor! Because i know it can look way better than now!!!

When i was still in high school, I have so much free time that i had facial session every single day, without fail.

Everyday different treatment!

And i wear sunblock/sunscreen to school =)

But now... i totally screw up all these. I do not care. The very last time i pamper my skin was the jeatyieng-herbal life-free-trial- DIY facial...

Plus all these lack of sleep and lately i drink very very little water, which is very bad for skin... how to stay pretty?!?!

Sei lor.....

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