Friday, September 21, 2007

No choice..Cant help it..I just need to.......


Lately been eating a lot. A LOT!

For example, Yesterday.

Had some light snacks in the afternoon while online.

At 5pm, went out with Birdie, had a half foot long Subway Sandwich. Not enough. Should have order the One Foot Long sandwich.

At 10pm, went back home and ate 3 BOWLS of rice!! Can you imagine!?!? 3 Bowls. It's not the small tiny mini bowl, but the normal usual rice bowl.

Still not enough!

At 2am, went Indomee SS2 eat (AGAIN!)

And guess what?!!?

I'm still feeling hungry...:S

I totally screwed my finals.

Accounts was ok. I hope i'll able to pass.
Costing - K.O!
Business calculation was ok i think i can pass but cant get distinction.
Statistics - OMG!!! No Formula Sheet. I cant do nuts!!! Fail lah Fail lah..

Unable to do well in exam. Confirm Bad mood. Emo.

But thinking bout the bowl of FREE Pan Mee Soup i get ytd(at Indomee), makes my day bright.

How i get a bowl of free pan mee soup, i open you an inset:-

Monday night went out yumcha at Indomee SS2, with Birdie and Edwin, Wei Liang and Sik Yang (birdie's gang) joined in later.

Ordered Fried Rice.

Wei Liang, who came later, ordered something also, was served before me.
Those fella totally forgotten bout my order.

Being the typical me, I merajuked. Acted Lanci.

Guy who took my order (canto): aiya sorry ah they all forgotten your food. Sorry ya. Next time you come again i cheng lei.

NO!! I dont go there purposely to "redeem" my free food. Just that ngam ngam at 2am, where else you can go other than McD, A&W, mamak and Indomee?

I never thought he was serious bout belanjaing me hehe...

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