Saturday, August 18, 2007

I'm a freak =)

~teng teng teng teng~

Dear reader/s,

Please be informed that Miss Yong Nicole here is no more available for any yumcha session, or whatever catch up session, and outings, and reunion, so on and so forth!!

Thank you for paying attention! Have a nice day!

~teng teng teng teng~

Reason being numba one, i am grounded!! Thanks to those two hamsap face cops! Daddy says, he's worry that i might meet up with some 'polis palsu' and a lot more lah...

Numba two, heavy workload =). It's getting tougher as i'm entering into Higher Level Accounting =).
Oh ya, i planned to take TRIPLE DIPLOMA =) Dad says, IF i think I CAN DO it then take only. So, most probably i'll be taking Diploma In Accounting, Diploma in Management Accounting OR Diploma in Cost Accounting and Diploma in Computerised Accounting.

All together i'll be getting 5 accounting certs!! 0.0 huahuahua I'm a mad woman..

Frankly speaking, i kinda like accounts hehe... it wasnt that hard. Isnt THAT easy as well...

So, gotta put in lotsa effort to make sure that i'll get 6 distinctions!! (6subjects mar..)

Numba 'San'... Violin!!

Gotta spend more time with my baby!! one song one day. In a week i can play seven songs.. in a month i can play 30 nursery rythmes.. and in 100 days,
*kembang* eh anyone need help in pujuk ing small kids come call me... i play violin for them =)

Big hug to birdie wei... If not for his kindness hohoho... i'm six feet under liao... (bored to death!). At least now i have violin and anastasia (cartoon) teman me *big smile* Today itself i watch that show for 3 freaking times.. continuously!!!


siokwah said...

ur chatbox just dont load..i cant see what u guys are chatting wei..dont say anything before i can actually load

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

SiokWah: You think you queen ar?! Everyone cannot chat first..

Joking ya.

-Littlenicky- said...

evil genius: SORRY THE QUEEN IS HERE!!

siokwah: hahahahah too bad wei haha i can see evrything hahahaa

Director of Operations said...

You can actually play one song in a day???

-Littlenicky- said...

yup. i can play twinkle twinkle little star and jingle bell and one more duno what lightly rock and and more beethovan's ode of joy i think =)

Cathy said...

i know nicole was the QUEEN!!but now i am the queen..muahahaha...ish ish...ur chatbox really doesnt load at all already..guess have to wait for few more weeks =)

-Littlenicky- said...

hahah forget it siokwah u want be queen?? GO AHEAD haha

I'll be the empress then huahuahua..

BTW, i said im taking triple diploma, and geting 5 certs in the end how come no one ask me why so?? haha

siokwah said...

cuz when u get it,we can only be proud of you...nothing happy for u also..=)

-Littlenicky- said...

im taking TRIPLE DIPLOMA. meaning 3 diploma certs. But i say im getting 5 certs in the end. why no one ask how come n what the extra 2?? haha siok wah u dun get me huh??? haha

Cathy said...

tsk tsk..
i am not asking doesnt mean i dont get u k..tsk tsk