Thursday, July 26, 2007



Got new phone hahaha.... daddy chose me Nokia N73!!! He say i'm lousy in making choices lol.

Nokia N73 Music Edition!

Well seriously, i've never thought he will get me this phone haha... and i've never thought he will but me a new one so soon haha.. THANKS A LOT TO BRO AND HIS CUNNY LITTLE BRAIN HAHHAHAA.....

Seriously, this phone came just in time!!! With Edwin's party, Cultural Night and Perhentian trip coming up hahaha...


*look up to heaven* THANK YOU!!!!! =D

Daddy say stay humble and dun go around town show-off. But then hor, im just too happy. Haha. Now sharing my happiness with everyone around me, doesn't considered as showing off.. rite?? rite??? haha....

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