Friday, June 15, 2007

Regarding climbing Mount Kinabalu, i really wanted to go... unfortunately, once again, my overprotective daddy says NO! again... and this time it's no usual "no"'s a BIG NONONONO!!!

"pls behave like a girl and be a good example to your sister. i dont waste my time, money and effort in raising a tomboy in my house"

"girls dont climb mountains.... dont try to be too smart!"

"all girls no guys too dangerous la... " (when he ask who's going)

"wah! got girl got guys ar? dangerous! anything might happen..." (when i tell him maybe there are guys following)

"it's mountainest area. There maybe some bomoh chanting then u disturbed them then they chant on you......"

"later u climb half way tiger come eat u up..."

with all these...erm.. to me was nonsensical reason.... i really dunno what else to say...

Out of the blue, chea nyee says wanna go redang. Kinda excited bout it and dad allows it, he say ganti kinabalu. Go redang means gonna grab this chance to tan myself better which means have to wear a bit lesser cloth on the beach which means i have to excercise [alomak].. but the idea came a little too rush and it's peak season, now cant really get a place to stay and i suggested camp by beach but then as usual la, girls, scared of this and that, dangerous and blah blah blah..... so now, i get excited for nothing...haiz..hopefully everything works well..

Actually i wanted go Pulau Perhentian, never been there before ma. And i've checked on the rates, there's one of the package, camping by beach for 3days 2 nights at RM269/pax. It include 3 meals each day and transfer back from the island to mainland.... i think it's quite ok oso la.. teing, hwey, maybe we should go there some day...should be fun.

Kinda sad also la that angela cant follow along because class started on the 7 and we plan to go on the 17 of july LOL..... but really wanna see her wear bikini... haha... guys sure bleed to death wan hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa.

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