Thursday, April 19, 2007

What a fren...

Yesterday was rather a slow day for me.. everything is like very slow... every minutes is like an hour. Life's as usual, work and yesterday worked Over Time summor. Like what my father used to call me, machine..

But yesterday only worked till 9.30 but then didnt go back home. Becuase i have an urge to go out yumcha... i suppose no point asking to girls out since it's already so late at night and the next day got class, so i did a terrible mistake:- calling edwin khoo.

At first memang wanted to go Laundry, but think twice, not enough cash in hand, play safe a bit so edwin say go Taman Mayang. So fine lo.. mayang ma mayang lo, near to office ma... I tot maybe only edwin coming, plus brian and maybe bernard n yung. But i turn out to be all the three Jenn brothers, edwin bernard and also lester.

And i also tot since go mayang, so maybe it's like last time drinking only chinese tea.. but then, somebody just say "u promised to spend us laundry but we good fren bring you here, so at least spend us some beer la, besides it's cheaper than laundry!"

"nicole, u think i hansome anot?"
"my father, of cuz handsome la"
"then get us some beer ok! ok deal!"

thinking twice, memang buy beer at kopitiam is cheaper than laundry, so 3 large Carlsberg.

*the beer comes...

edwin: tak payah buka.

*bernard take one bottle and open the cap with his teeth.

bernard: turning to me i have strong teeth. *wink
bernard: Nicole. faster! (he's asking me to pay money)

money paid and bernard continue to open the beer bottles with his teeth...

**after a while.

edwin: nicole, see? i told you edi, 3 bottles is not enough wan.. come la order summor la.

**after long time of persuading, another 2 bottles.

bernard: yeah nicole, u r the best la!
edwin: ya la.. you damn nice la..
me: ....

i pay for the beer ma of cuz i damn nice rite.. if i refuse to pay u guys sure leave me alone and go back wan!

**after a while..

edwin: nicole please, two more... last one i promise. last. after this no more...
bernard: yes we promise no more after this.
edwin: i belanja u again on friday..

**after long time of persuading... another 2 bottles.

me: i tell u this is last one!
edwin: yes yes. last. promise. see nicole is the best la...
bernard: daddy's girl...

i paid for 7 bottles of beer and you dare say i not nice see i'll knock your head anot!!!!

then the guys went for foosball..

seriously la, i dun understand what's so nice bout foosball lo... it's like BBQ chicken wings kicking a rubber ball...

edwin and bernard is quite high... and edwin blogged bout the night..
very the touching erh...

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