Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Yesterday was suppose to help brother in his slideshow presentation.. he suggested to go cyber and there me as a very good elder sister, took a risk and drove him out. (On sunday supposely drive to church but on the way dad ask me to go pump petrol then i banged the petrol pump... don ask)my surprise, his homework is actually DotA..

Then met edwin khoo online and he ajak yumcha. seriously, nowadays i abit scared to see him online.haha..so drove all the way to his house then he took over the wheel. at first was only me mr khoo and jenn shyung then saw tony n he joined us.

seriously, i very scared to go out with him edi.. always have to pay for him FIRST (it seems).. aiya but nvm la..this time luckily was only mamak.

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