Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Croc Hunter

he's dead he's dead he's dead he's dead... haha i guess lotsa ppl got really upset when they hear this news
but me, kinda happy. sorry la to steve irwin's fans, and sorry, i am not cold blooded.

but wat i meant was, even if he ever announce of his retirement, i will still be as happy as i am now.

i never like to watch his shows..watever croc hunter la, reptile search la.. ish me, it's irri

i can never appreciate all his adventures in searching for his favourite animals.

i dun get wat's so nice bout an earth-toned-snake and a big huge green crocodile..

K K.. the very fact why i am happy when i saw the news on the net is that, DADDY LOVES TO WATCH HIS SHOWS!!!

He will never allow us to get near to the TV remote when he is watching Stevy hunting for weird ugly looking creatures.

And wat's worst is that, whenever he watches the programme, it clashes with our favourite programme...

so now he's dead edi, no more new ones, so daddy will not hook on the TV as much as the past

nyek nyek..

can colonised the TV once again!

kesian my father hor? for having this kind of daughter..hehehe

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