Tuesday, June 06, 2006

i'm gonna get fired SOON

I was assigned to help boss's friend to sell some of her used handphone on lelong.com.my...

* Nokia 6230 with 256 memory card, menu, CD box n blah blah blah

* Nokia 6610 with charger
* Nokia 8310 - Phone only
* Sont Erricson T 610 - phone only

the pictures are suppose to be taken then uploaded in lelong.com.my but my boss tot it was hastle so told me to find pictures from google n told me to compare prices in lelong.com.my or ebay.com.

To check stuff in lelong.com.my is very very ma fan.. since boss say can use ebay then i ma use ebay lo... i check n check n go thru one by one

Then i found the highest price, then i go back to lelong then post it up.

Then when boss came back, he asked me

boss: have u done the fon lelong?

me: yes

boss: all?


boss: how come i only receive mails saying they want 8310?


Boss: u come in

Then v went into his room together, n he started to pluck in wires la, mouse la, connect his laptop la, this la that la

then, he went lelong see the posting...

boss: wat?? 8310 selling for Rm 50??No wonder la

me: ya la..i get the price from ebay..

boss: did u check lelong?

me:nope. u say check ebay

boss: haiya, siu cheh, shud have check the local market first

me: oh then u say ebay ma.i tot the price will be higher

boss:... die lo this time.. bei yan zham sei lo yi ci!!!

me:.. *die die

boss: how now? ppl there selling 150, i sell 50..

me: *opps

boss: n ur sony erricson oso..u'r selling it 199?? 6610 for RM 350?? where got so cheap? no wonder everyone start to asked me to reserve la haiyo

boss: gam ci bei lei wan sei lo cheh cheh

boss: 6230 a bit reasonable..but still a bit cheap lo..haiz

me: heehe *cold smile

boss: nvm la..wait for it to close bit la

me: oh..i go out do my work..

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