Friday, June 02, 2006

curse no more!

this is ermmm i oso dunno how many time i screen thru my blog..
n i notice one thing:
i curse a lot.

well.. in actual life, i dun speak those word..
yup yup yup
i DUN speak foul word!
have u heard me saying those b4? no rite...*cough cough

i realise that my frens from church too read my blog..
which actually..erm.. i think its no good
well seriuosly no good
i dowan them to think my parents never teach me properly

is typing it out n speaking it out the same??
cuz i ermmm
i would say i seldom curse.
but i use that word very often

but i think typinh out is not as bad as u said it lo.. rites??
hmm but anyway, i think i better put an end to it..

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